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Daklak, Vietnam
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Vi Yen is a writer and a democracy advocate.


Aug 2021 – University of Gothenburg (Sweden) | 2-year Master Program, Swedish Institute’s Fully-funded Scholarship
Master of Science
▪    International Administration and Global Governance
Aug 2013 – Feb 2017 Foreign Trade University (Vietnam) | 4-year Bachelor Program
Bachelor of Economics
▪    International Business Economics


Jul 2018 – Jun 2021 Vietnamese Overseas Initiative for Conscience Empowerment – VOICE (Thailand & Philippines) | Full-time

A U.S. non-profit organisation promoting human rights in Southeast Asia with a focus on Vietnam

Director of Research and Development
▪    Responsible for advocacy work at regional and international levels, focusing on civil and political rights

▪    Supervised employees to manage and develop civil society programs

▪   Carried out offline and online fundraising activities in Europe, Australia, and Asia to diversify the funding base

Apr 2019 – Jun 2019 Chris Hayes Federal MP Office (Australia) | Full-time

Member of the Federal Parliament and Chief Opposition Whip of the Labor Party, Australia

Intern & Campaigner
▪    Successfully ran a Federal Election campaign for Chris Hayes who was re-elected with 64% of the vote

▪    Responsible for co-organising community meetings and advocating for the agenda of the party

Apr 2017 – Jun 2018 Legal Initiatives for Vietnam (Taiwan) | Full-time

A U.S. non-profit organisation promoting the rule-of-law and freedom of expression

Editor and Writer
▪    Produced and edited articles and analyses on political institutions and political issues in Vietnam

▪    Managed to publish a series of long-form articles on political systems and democracy movements in Southeast and East Asia regions

▪    Reviewed and edited articles of other writers and contributors


May 2014 – Present Tinh Than Khai Minh – Spirit of Enlightenment (Vietnam)

An independent civil society organisation, working on political science and democracy

Co-founder, Manager
▪    Led the team to develop and maintain a web page on political science study materials

▪    Organised 9 seminars on political institutions with over 150 participants per event

▪    Translated and published 7 e-books in the “Political Philosophy” series and 4 e-books in the “Democracy” series

Jun 2018 – Mar 2019 Save NET (Vietnam)

An independent civil society organisation, working on political participation and digital rights

Co-founder, Leader
▪    Led a team of human rights activists to implement the “Against the Cybersecurity Law” campaign

▪    Coordinated 27 civil society organisations’ effort to pen 3 petitions which collected over 119,000 signatures, available at

▪    Delivered a talk on digital rights at the “HUMAN International Documentary Festival” in Norway in 2019

Oct 2015 – Sep 2017 Independent Human Rights Advisors (Vietnam)

An independent civil society organisation, working on human rights and civil liberties

Co-founder, Trainer
▪    Organised training programs on human rights for about 100 civil society actors

▪    Partook in the successful campaign calling for the passage of the “Law on Access to Information”

▪    Collaborated with Vietnamese civil society organisations to lobby for the postponement and amendment of the “Bill on Association”

Oct 2014 – Sep 2016 F-Group (Vietnam)

An independent civil society organisation, working on libertarianism and free market

▪    Translated 3 books on political economics from English into Vietnamese

▪    Produced articles on Vietnam’s economic policies and public affairs


Aug 2021 – Jun 2023 Swedish Institute (Sweden)

A Swedish public agency working to strengthen international relations and development

Swedish Institute Scholarships for Global Professionals (SISGP)

▪    Fully-funded scholarship to study a 2-year Master program in Sweden

Oct 2018 – Nov 2018 People in Need (Czech Republic)

A Czech Republic non-governmental organisation, working on human rights and development

Certificate of Completion the ‘Civil Society Development’ Fellowship Scholarship

▪    Democratic transition in Eastern Europe, with a specific focus on the Czech Republic

May 2018 Asia Democracy Network (South Korea)

Civil society-led multi-stakeholders platform in Asia, working on democracy and civic space

Certificate of Completion the ‘Empowering Asia Forum: Youth Leadership Forum for Democracy’ Training Scholarship

▪    Democratic transition and social movements in South Korea

Aug 2015 Vietnamese Institute for Economic and Policy Research – VEPR (Vietnam)

A Vietnam-registered think tank, working on economics and public policy

Certificate of Participation in the ‘Summer School on Foundations of the Market Economy’ Training Scholarship

▪    The market economy, public governance, and sustainable development


Book Translation



▪    Jones T., 2001, Các nhà tư tưởng và các ý tưởng chính trị hiện đại (Modern Political Thinkers and Ideas), Translated from English by Nguyen V.Y. and Anh M., 2017, Hanoi: Knowledge Publisher.

▪    Hayek F., 1996, Chủ nghĩa Cá nhân và Trật tự Kinh tế (Individualism and Economic Order), Translated from English by Dinh T.M., Pham N.T, Nguyen V.Y., and Nguyen C.M., 2016, Hanoi: Knowledge Publisher.

▪    Hayek F., 1973, Tự do Kinh tế và Chính thể Đại diện (Economic Freedom and Representative Government), Translated from English by Dinh T.M. and Nguyen V.Y., 2016, Hanoi: Knowledge Publisher.